Current Turnaround Time is 12 Days. Please Note: Adding additional items to orders already placed will delay the order.



FAQ's relating to acrylic blanks 

please note the answers to these questions do not apply if you're ordering a sign. 

What's your turnaround time? 

On our current system, we cut out all orders on a Monday and Tuesday - these 2 days are super busy so I may be slow replying to messages on these days - and then we ship order on Wednesdays. 

So as long as we have the material in stock, any orders placed and paid for up to 12pm on a Monday will be shipped on the Wednesday. Any orders placed/paid for after 12pm Monday will be added to the cutting list for the following Monday.

If we get to a stage where we need to accommodate a growing number of orders, we will introduce additional cutting / shipping days.

I need an order in a rush?

We will always do our best to help out when we can - just let us know what you need and for when you need it for and we'll try to squeeze you in somewhere else in the week. 

How much is postage?

Prices start at £4.99 for smaller orders and go up to £9.99 for larger ones. 

If any of your items are over 1m, postage will be £9.99 as that's when the couriers prices jump.

If you'd rather handle your own postage, we're happy to provide you with the dimensions/weight of your parcel for you to have it collected from our workshop (B6 7DB)

Where are you based? Can I collect? 

Yes you can, we're based in Witton, Birmingham - right by the Aston Villa Ground (that close we know exactly when they've scored haha) our postcode is B6 7DB if you want to workout exactly how far away we are. 

How do I order?

Most things are now available on the website but if what you need isn't listed, just send me a message either on Instagram: @signsandprops or via email: and I'll email over prices followed by an invoice that'll have a payment link for you to pay by card or Paypal or bank transfer.

Please include the following information with your message:

The size, shape and quantity,

the material, finish and thickness,

any holes or slits needed and their dimensions. 

Along with an email address (unless your emailing us) and a shipping address (unless you've bought from us before)

Do you charge for holes? 

Nope :) - just let us know how big you want them. The most common size for string / thread is between 2-5mm if you've got a particularly thick thread you may want to go bigger. I highly recommend measuring! 

I'm using ribbon, what size hole should I go for?

You may prefer to opt for a slit rather than a hole again if that's the case, just let us know (with measurements please)

The size/shape I want isn't on your price list - what do I do?

Just send us a message with some more info including the shape, size, material and thickness and we'll get back to you with a custom quote. 

Do you do any other colours or finishes?

We can get hold of almost any colour and finish of perspex/acrylic, however, I we only stock the materials currently listed on the pricelist.

The materials listed on the pricelist, we buy in bulk so we benefit from a discount which we pass on to you. If you're looking for a small amount of a certain colour it's likely to be considerably more expensive per item than if you were to buy in bulk, which would enable us to buy a sheet.

If I get multiple request for the same colour, I'll consider adding it to the stock list or buying a sheet in to fulfill those particular orders. So if you're interested in a certain colour please do let me know as others may be interested too. 

What's HIPS? What's the difference between that and acrylic? 

HIPS or high impact polystyrene is a plastic that we sometimes use as an alternative to acrylic. It available in a number of different colours and finishes although we only currently stock the mirrored HIPS.

In terms of the differences, in the mirrored gold, HIPS is considerably cheaper than the acrylic however there's not as much difference in the silver mirror.

The other benefit to HIPS, as the name may suggest, is it's far sturdier than acrylic - if you've ever had the misfortune of dropping a sheet of A1 acrylic there's a good chance you've have it chip or break on you - this won't happen with HIPS. It's also a lot lighter than the acrylic - which can sometimes be useful.

In terms of how the look, HIPS is basically a white plastic with a mirrored film on the top, so the back is white as are the sides. Mirrored acrylic on the other hand is clear acrylic with a mirrored film on the underside - meaning the back is like a darker, matt silver or gold and the edges - especially when polished - are glass like. In my opinion the acrylic has a nicer finish but it really just depends on your budget and what it's being used for. 

Why do your prices change and how often can I expect them to change? 

So our prices only change when our suppliers change - ordinarily they stay fairly steady but with COVID demand for acrylic has increased - this demand has caused prices to fluctuate. I will always do my best to absorb price changes where I can and keep prices steady for you as I know it'll affect your business and margins too. You'll always find the most up to date prices on our website.