Current Turnaround Time for BLANKS is 12 Days. Please Note: Adding additional items to orders already placed will delay the order. Signs remain at 4 weeks.

Custom Text Sign
Custom Text Sign
Custom Text Sign
Custom Text Sign
Custom Text Sign
Custom Text Sign
Custom Text Sign
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Custom Text Sign
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Custom Text Sign

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Our Custom Letter and Word Signs are ideal for a range of scenarios be it weddings, engagements, nursery décor, event and flower wall décor or home décor.

Our chunky signs are made from 12mm MDF with either a spray-painted finish or a plastic top layer. The laser charred black edges make the signs top colour really pop. We have a range of standard colours but we're always looking to expand so if there's a specific colour you want/need, get in touch and we'll see what we can do (may incur extra charge). 

If you’re looking for a business, logo or something extra custom please get in touch with us via the custom order link in the menu and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


  • Thick, 12mm MDF with finish on top.
  • A selection of fonts, colours, sizes & backing options.
  • All signs come with D-rings or drilled holes (depending on backing) for hanging.
  • Digital proof with dimensions to approve prior to manufacture.
  • Unlimited design changes prior to manufacture (excluding finishes).
  • Option to collect free from B6 7DB.

Sign Design

How do I choose a font? 

We have two places you can select a font from, both of which give you a live preview of your sign text in the selected font.

We have a Sign Preview Generator where you can live preview all our standard fonts. These are a selection of our favourite font for signs.

You can find our Signs & Props sign preview generator here

However, if none of those take your fancy you can choose from hundreds of free google fonts – just select a font from the drop down "Google Fonts" menu then type your sign text in the box below and it will appear in the selected google font.

Once a font has been selected we will then create a digital proof for you to approve before we start any cutting. This will also enable us to give you an accurate size and if desired a scale drawing, for example to show how big a sign will look on a backdrop. Once approved, the manufacturing process will begin. Once manufacturing has started, any changes or errors (unless on our behalf of course) will incur additional charges and a delay.

What are the different finish options? 

All our signs have a base of 12mm MDF with one of the following on top:

-  Acrylic 

Acrylic is a plastic that can be clear, coloured, mirrored or metallic. It gives a smooth, consistent finish across the sign. 

- Sprayed

The sprayed option is simply spray-painted MDF. Whilst sprayed signs still look great, the highest quality finish will always come from the acrylic finished signs. 

- HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)

Similar to acrylic HIPS is a plastic that comes in a number of colours and finishes although we predominantly use it as a cheaper alternative to mirrored acrylic. For a more detailed explanation please see below. 

What's HIPS? What's the difference between that and acrylic? 

HIPS or high impact polystyrene is a plastic that we sometimes use as an alternative to acrylic. It available in a number of different colours and finishes although we only currently stock the mirrored HIPS.

In terms of the differences, in the mirrored gold, HIPS is considerably cheaper than the acrylic however there's not as much difference in the silver mirror.

The other benefit to HIPS, as the name may suggest, is it's far sturdier than acrylic - if you've ever had the misfortune of dropping a sheet of A1 acrylic there's a good chance you've have it chip or break on you - this won't happen with HIPS. It's also a lot lighter than the acrylic - which can also sometimes be useful.

In terms of how they look, HIPS is basically a white plastic with a mirrored film on the top, so the back is white as are the sides. Mirrored acrylic on the other hand is clear acrylic with a mirrored film on the underside - meaning the back is like a darker, matt silver or gold and the edges - especially when polished - are glass like. In my opinion the acrylic has a nicer finish but it really just depends on your budget and what it's being used for. 

If you'd like more of an idea - send me a message on insta - I have an embarrassing comparison video that I can send you - until I get time to make a proper one!  

How do I hang my sign?

All our signs come with D-rings as standard. We advise using either clear cable ties or a sturdy fishing line if attaching to a backdrop or flowerwall. 

If you are attaching to something like a flowerwall, we recommend attaching the sign to the cross bar rather than the flower panel themselves.

In terms of a permanent fixture – as mentioned above each sign comes with D-rings but your choice of final fix will be dependent on your sign / situation.

Sizes & Prices

How do you price your signs?

We have two standard sizes, large and extra large and our signs are priced by the number of sheets of material used. A large is one sheet of material and an extra large is two. So regardless of the number of words if you choose, we will create your sign as large as we possibly can for the selected size i.e. number of sheets, will allow.

Most signs are either 1 or 2 sheets - most don't need to be any bigger than that. However, if you looking for a particularly large sign or you’re unsure of what size to go for, just send us a message and we can advise. 

What size will my sign be?

This will depend on two things - firstly the number of sheets you've chosen - a 2 sheet (XL) will be larger than a 1 sheet (L).

The second is what your sign will say. For example the name "Ava" will look a lot bigger from 1 sheet than the word "Birthday" for example. 

Our laser bed measures approx. 60x40cm, meaning one single word can measure 60cm. However, we often remove the first letter – and reattach with clear acrylic if needed – meaning a single word can measure 80cm+ depending on the word/font.

If you were to opt for individual letters, we can go much bigger with letters measuring up to 60cm high depending on the font. Eight 20cm high individual letter overall measures 2m – so individual letters are good for if you’re trying to cover a large space.

If you're stuck for which size you're going to need - just send us a message and with the font & phrase and we'll be able to advise. 

Turnaround & Shipping

What's your turnaround time? 

Our custom signs usually take around 4 weeks from start to finish, it can sometimes be quicker but we allow up to four weeks as we often have to order in additional materials etc to complete the sign.

I need an order in a rush?

We will always do our best to help out when we can - just let us know what you need and for when you need it for and we'll try to squeeze you in. If you need a sign made and delivered in under 7 working days I'm afraid we won't be able to help. 

How much is postage?

Postage for custom signs is £7.50 for standard delivery or free if it's over £100. It's possible to pay a bit extra for express delivery but please let us know in advance if this is something you'd like.

Alternatively, If you'd rather handle your own postage, we're happy to provide you with the dimensions/weight of your parcel for you to have it collected from our workshop (B6 7DB)

Where are you based? Can I collect? 

Yes you can! We're based in Witton, Birmingham - right by the Aston Villa Ground (that close we know exactly when they've scored haha) our postcode is B6 7DB if you want to workout exactly how far away we are. 

Please note the information above does not apply if you're ordering acrylic blanks.